Why the workshop?
Public policy education is on the rise in India, reflecting Indian citizens’ growth and understanding that public policy education is not merely vested in governments and academics. However, there is an ever-growing gap between the syllabus and the reality of the public policy market in India. The curriculum reflects a gap in the realities and literature of public policy, and case-based teaching methods are often slow to adopt newer and changing case models for their programme.

In order to work on the ever-growing issue of public policy education in India, new approaches must be taken towards how public policy is taught in institutions. Curriculums have to be carefully formulated, market-driven approaches have to be institutionalised, policy education will result in actual jobs and internships after graduation, and approaches to education have to change. 

This workshop will provide an avenue for educators and practitioners of public policy to share knowledge and understand new ways of imparting public policy education, help educators understand the market needs of public policy so that curriculums can be appropriately made, equip educators with tools that can help their pedagogy and reflect the needs of the country within their teachings, and provide an understanding of the needs of students of public policy and to have better outputs for their learning.

About the workshop
The workshop, hosted by the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), Kochi, will consist of sessions that will reflect many of the real-life market-driven needs of public policy, as well as many interactive sessions where participants can exchange their learnings and understanding of the field to create a holistic experience. There will also be panel discussion sessions on a variety of topics.

Date: 1st, 2nd, 3rd December 2023

Venue: Kochi, Kerala

This workshop is open to all members of the Association for Public Policy Education (APPE) and invited participants.
It is mandatory for all non-APPE members to first sign up for APPE membership in order to participate in the workshop.


  1. For APPE Members – INR 15,000 (inclusive of accommodation and meals for the whole duration of the workshop)
  2. For Non-APPE Members – INR 15,000 (inclusive of accommodation and meals for the whole duration of the workshop) plus APPE membership fee.

If you are interested in attending the event, fill out the registration form! Our team will contact you with further details.

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